Hi there!

I want to ask you a few questions....

What do your relationships look like? Are they challenging?  Do you struggle to find, or maintain one?

Do they make you angry, upset or bother you to the point that it's affecting your sleep?  Or your health? 


When you look at your life, is it ideal?

Often the relationships we have with our parents, or the relationship we watched growing up when we lived with our parents, greatly affects the interactions we have with our significant others, our kids, and even our co-workers. 

We learn and absorb SO much by the age of 7, while we are totally unconscious and or brain is shaping and forming, and then we carry that programming into our adulthood.  It makes us who we are for better or worse.

So if you have a blissful relationship with your mate and you have good boundaries with your parents and your relationship with them has evolved as you have aged and you and your kids (if you have them) have a constant, unfiltered open dialog, GREAT!  I want to thank you for visiting my site and cheers to lots of love and happiness in your life!!

But if the above doesn't quite describe you....well...I would like to share some things with you.

Truth be told, I have had my fair share of difficult relationships and I spent many years trying to find the right one or worse, 'fix' a broken one.  There was a big problem though. I had ALL the wrong tools.  And I wasted a lot of time and energy.   Time and energy that I can't get back.  But guess what?  You don't have to waste anymore time or anymore energy. 

I can share the tools I have gathered along the way (since I KNOW they work) and you can

look forward to a more peaceful existence, in all your relationships, just like I am experiencing now!

  • In a troubled relationship?  No problem!
  • Can't find a relationship?  We got that covered...
  • Communication difficult with your parents, your kids?  Yep - can share some tools for that too!

So what do you say?  Ya wanna give it a whirl?  I am so confident you will be feeling better after we get to work that I am willing to refund your money after your first session if you can honestly say you don't feel optimistic about where your life is headed now!  Schedule a free consultation with me to see if we are a good fit!


What are your relationships like?  Your health?