what is bodymind compass?


BodyMind Compass is where the body, mind, and spirit become aligned, they act as one, so that you are headed in the right direction to better health and well-being. It is a place for healing and transformation - where you can be you - raw and vulnerable, so real healing can happen. 

Whether you are struggling in your relationships, have fallen into dis-ease or simply need a place to relax and let go of the things that stress or pain you, there is something here that will help.




Meet Shannon Heigle 

I am a mom, a wife, an animal lover, an intuitive, and a person that believes that you have the ability to heal whatever it is that isn't allowing you to live your highest ideal life.  Through my own journey, I have gathered many tools to facilitate healing on so many levels.  I have had the chronically sick child, the dog who chewed all the fur off her back, the debilitating back pain that almost paralyzes you and a broken marriage that taught me more than I could ever imagine.  What I am saying is, I can relate - to physical, mental and emotional pain, to sadness and despair and feeling like there is no hope. Now, I am where I think you want to be - free of pain, happy to live my life, and fulfilled that I have someone loving and supportive to share it with. So let me ask you - what is missing in your life?