What in the world is Bodytalk?  Does your body talk??  Well sort of...

BodyTalk is a form of consciousness medicine where I, the facilitator, ask your body a series of questions using a form of biofeedback called muscle checking.With these questions I develop a formula based on what your body needs in the moment. It could be addressing a physical illness or an emotion that hasn't been fully processed that could possibly causing pain. Once the formula is complete, I then re-educate your body through hand placement over the items in the formula and tapping to improve the communication within the body so that the symptoms you are experiencing can be resolved and processed and ultimately diminished all by the innate wisdom of your body. All of this allows your  body to function more efficiently.  I am literally communicating with your subconscious mind so permanent and lasting changes can be made in the body, mind, and spirit. Some would say it is like acupuncture without the needles since we are essentially removing energy blockages.

What is your body saying?  Your body is talking to you through symptoms, pain, and pleasure. You could look at the symptoms as clues towards the problem. If you choose to take medicine it will only mask the symptoms and unfortunately the problem still exists.  Before long the body could end up screaming at you if you don't listen to the whispers of the little symptoms.  

The cool thing is your body knows what it needs on EVERY level, body, mind and spirit.  And your body does not lie.  It's like a truth detector and only it knows what is best.  It knows if you are holding onto emotions like anger from a divorce that happened 10 years ago causing you to become chronically constipated. Or if you feel burdened by the need to take on everyone's problems and your shoulders ache all the time. The trick is to listen to what the body is saying.

BodyTalk reveals the underlying causes of emotional and physical imbalances, then stimulates your body's natural ability to heal itself. In essence it makes your natural healing mechanisms more efficient so those symptoms go away BEFORE they become a real problem. BodyTalk helps the body unlearn the habits, beliefs, biochemical pathways and postural patterns that are restricting the healthy functioning of the body-mind complex.
Let's re-educate the body so it knows the way to heal!

Sessions available for adults, children and pets.

I offer single sessions and packages at a discount. 

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