How are your relationships?
How is the dialog with your significant other? Or do you struggle finding or keeping one?
How open is the line of communication with your children? 

Have you been able to maintain good boundaries, allowing you to be you and still feel loved and accepted in all of your relationships?  

How is your relationship with yourself? Is there negative self talk that is on repeat?

If any of the above has you thinking read on.....

I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!  And this is what we will do:

  • We will work to identify and explore all of your limiting beliefs, feelings, and goals in your relationship(s).  

  • After identifying all of the things that are keeping you from your ideal relationship(s), we will explore each of these deeper working consistently toward your goal.  I will be using all of the coaching tools and, with your permission,  also the energetic tools that I have in my tool box to assist you in the exploration.    See BodyTalk, Reiki, and Essential Oils for more information.

  •  I will give you action steps / homework  so you can continue working on your own towards your goal.

What you can expect along the way...

  • Accountability.  You set the pace for our work together, however I am going to keep you accountable so we can keep the momentum.

  • Support between sessions.  You will have access to me by email and text.  I know you might get stuck and that can be frustrating.  Rest assured we will work through your stuck-ness quickly so that we keep moving forward.

  • Many MANY tools.  We will use tools in our session and you will have homework.  All of these are your to keep. Forever.  They will help you apply the work we do together long after we have completed our time together.

Results you can expect...

  • Way less stress!  It's so much easier to work on something challenging with someone else.  You don't have to do all the heavy lifting alone!  I am here to help!
  • Better understanding and communication.  You will learn tools that help you slow down and respond instead of react.
  • Richer, more engaged relationships.  You will have the framework to allow you to grow in your relationships rather than feeling like you are standing still.
  • More love! Who couldn't use more love in their lives?  I will teach you tools to become the compassionate witness allowing you to see things with a clearer, more loving perspective!

Message me to set up a free consult to see if we are a good fit to work together!