Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to be more 'mainstream' these days. However there is a difference between aromatherapy and therapeutic grade oils.  Aromatherapy oils are only meant to be diffused where as therapeutic can be applied topically. I personally use oils daily as support for my well being.  I also use them to assist in the healing process no matter if it is a common cold, a head ache, an upset stomach or just a stressful day.  During your sessions with me, whether BodyTalk or Reiki, often I will used essential oils to support the goals of the session.  Oils are supportive for the body, mind and spirit! 

If you are interested in knowing more about oil usage or information regarding a particular oil, message me!  

Common oil usage tips:
Peppermint - This oil is a MUST to have around

  • headaches
  • tummy aches
  • stuffy noses
  • constipation (coupled with fennel)


  • supports lymphatic drainage
  • helps a cold go away faster
  • improves mood


  • stops bleeding and kill bacteria in cuts
  • calming and used as a sleep aid
  • amazingly reduces pain with burns


  • supports a healthy immune system
  • antimicrobial / antibacterial
  • clears negative emotions when diffused