Guided visualization

For pain or cancer...

If you are struggling with chronic pain or, worse, cancer or another debilitating disease, we can use guided visualization to bring you some relief.  The brain is smart and stupid all at the same time.  It doesn't know reality from fantasy - that is why a dream can feel so real.  

What we do is get you really relaxed and into a meditative state (either in person or by phone if you aren't local to me) and I guide you through the body to 'visualize and nurture' the pain or tumor to get the brain on board to heal the area.  While I am guiding you I am sending distance Reiki to further assist in healing.

For a traumatic experience....

Like I said for pain, the brain is really smart but it can be 're-programmed' so that you actually re-write a traumatic experience so that the body doesn't continue to experience the trauma every time the thought is present. This doesn't take what happened away per se, but it helps the brain to break the thought loose so you can have a different outcome.

We would discuss the traumatic experience in as much detail as you are comfortable sharing and when you are ready we will re-write the story in the brain. For this you also get really relaxed and in a meditative state (either in person or by phone if you aren't local to me)  and I will have you retell the story in a more positive outcome. Once we do this a few times, this will create a new 'neural pathway' in the brain so that the trauma thoughts can begin to dissipate.

For relaxation and stress....

Again, you would be in a meditative state and I will guide you through a relaxation technique that you can continue to use (I can record it and send it to you) to train your mind to go to that place in times of stress.