Unexplained illness?  Chronic fatigue? Digestive issues? Infertility? Pain?
Tired of treating symptoms and not the problem?  Let me help you restore balance in your body so you can enjoy life again!

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​Shannon Heigle

BioSET Certified Professional

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Martha Beck trained Life Coach
Reiki Practitioner

About BodyMindCompass

Are you living  your highest ideal life?

Is your inner dialog full of pleasantries or your worst nightmare? Are your relationships surviving or thriving? You haven't met that special someone yet? Struggling to be happy in your profession? Let's talk.  Sometimes  a new perspective is all that is needed.

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Recently lost a loved one?

Health holding you back?

Not happy?

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Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one? I can help you communicate with those you have lost to receive guidance and peace.

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I have created a safe place where you can be you - raw and vulnerable, so lasting healing can take place.  Through the years I have recognized the connection between emotional health and physical health. Whenever physical symptoms are present, typically they can be tracked back to an emotional trigger that happened just before.  If we identify the emotional trigger, the physical symptom can often be resolved.
Whether you are struggling in your relationships, unhappy with your career, have fallen into dis-ease or simply need a place to relax and let go of the things that stress or pain you, there is something here that will help.

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