Your work with me has manifested beautifully. My sacrum has released. I have taken your words to heart about my sacrum being cemented with hostility. Your words were powerful. I continue to hose off (even at a cellular level) parts of my sacrum - freeing it from occlusion and obstruction. I am profoundly grateful.

Also....... my root chakra continues to grow. It has reached down to my feet like a spreading antebellum skirt - spreading wide and dense. I do not see a large tap root. I do see the origins of the tap root at the base of my chakras and see that this network of roots originates from that area.

I feel so fortunate to have walked in to your studio. 
Feeling very grateful to be a recipient of your healing talent.

Taken from Yelp
BodyMind Compass is a beautiful healing space with great energy. The environment is bright, peaceful, and the essential oils add to the calming atmosphere. I received Reiki from Shannon, and it was truly a transformative experience. Shanon is so wise, compassionate, and sincere. She speaks simply and truthfully to help you see that you already have what y ou need to help yourself heal. Spending an hour with her helped me shift from feeling fear and anxiety to peace and optimism. The second she began working on me, I began feeling a shift in energy. I can't recommend this healing center enough!


"When I first walked into Shannon's office, I had so many issues that I literally had to draw a chart, which Shannon took very seriously. After drawing the chart, I realized that my problems had 3 main sources. One of them was this pesky pain in my left hip. This concerned me because I do a lot of walking at my job.

So, during the session, I hesitantly asked her how long it would be before I could run again, and using body talk, she found that it would be six weeks. "SIX WEEKS?!" I squeaked (although I was happy to hear that it would heal). A month later, I went in for a followup. Shannon asked me how my hip was doing. It was still bothering me, so I told her. She used reiki and way of the heart. When I asked her how much longer it would be until I was pain free, she said 10 days (which is about 6 weeks from the original injury). I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get better.

When it was still bothering me on the 9th day, I wasn't sure what to think, but on the 10th day, I walked over 10,000 steps and my hip didn't bother me at all! That's more than I usually walk, but my hip was fine!

I was so relieved! I am grateful for body talk, reiki and way of the heart!

I'm also grateful for Shannon. She really knows what she is doing! She is very intuitive and very resourceful. My mom and I refer to her as the healer. Now I can walk again. Thanks, Shannon!" 
~ D.V.

A comprehensive approach addressing the interconnectedness of the body, mind, & spirit

Six weeks ago I was facing a terminal cancer diagnosis and crippled with fear and anxiety.  I could not face what I was hearing, I could not be strong for those around me. I did not want to face the world around me. At the suggestion of my oncologist, I searched for something to help with visualization and mindfulness. I wanted more than to just medicate myself into acceptance.
With Shannon's expert guidance and reassurance, I started a course of daily guided visualization and BodyTalk sessions. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical at first (especially since we weren't in the same state much less in the same room during the sessions) but I was determined to try whatever I could. Within just a few sessions I began to see some progression. I found I could handle my day, I could face reality. I started to believe I could kick cancer! And my body responded! I could feel myself healing. Shannon showed me how to surpass the pain and despair my body was feeling by using the power of my mind.
I looked so forward to my daily calls, knowing Shannon's voice could guide me towards what I needed. I didn't need BodyTalk everyday, so some days it was just a guided meditation. When I look back over the last 6 weeks, I can hardly remember what I was feeling. I hear Shannon's voice guiding me through the darkest hours I've ever faced.
I am now on only a small dose of pain relief, I'm back to work, I'm doing yoga, I'm  living my life.  Something I wasn't sure was possible. My oncologist is so impressed with my progression. And I am forever grateful for all that Shannon did for me, and  would highly, highly recommend this therapy to anyone facing any of life's hardships.
~ C.M.

"Thanks to Shannon, I have a brand new relationship with my body. I can now say with pride and humility how truly amazing it really is! I have a newfound respect and love for how intelligent our bodies actually are. It knows and remembers everything that's happened to us- all the smiles and laughter, all the pain and suffering.
     And it's amazing how what our current problems are a manifestation of the old ones we never address! Because Shannon provides into the internal workings of our bodies, I sometimes feel I get an internal workings of my elastic reality.
     Each session is so intense and emotion-filled but so cathartic and releasing. Shannon seems to intuitively knows the right questions to ask and where to steer the session. As soon as I realize what I'm currently processing, we get to work.
     I am so grateful to have found BodyMindCompass and incorporated it in my life! I always come away with a new state of mind, peace in my heart and a smile on my face! And a much lighter step and freer body." 
~  M.W.

I met Shannon at a time when I was not feeling well and was having many health issues. She told me a little bit about BodyTalk and Reiki and how our mind and body are more directly connected than we think. This really interested me, and I went to see her. She helped me overcome stomach problems that I was having through BodyTalk. Along with the BodyTalk sessions, she has helped me with relationship situations, and has become my personal life coach.
Now through her sessions, I am confident to stop and think about things on a daily basis and say to myself "what would Shannon tell me to do right now?". She is always willing to talk to me at any time between sessions if I need anything, and she truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone, and I am extremely happy that she has become a part of my life.